Xenemetrix newsletter issue no.4 July 2013

24 Jul 2013

Its elemental

Issue No.4 July 2013

It’s elemental..
Xenemetrix’s continued legacy of innovations and ongoing development has recently resulted in two new advanced solutions that generate high interest and enthusiastic worldwide response – GMS and Petro-marine.

A second generation of Light Elements friendly detector has been added to our line of solutions lately, while advanced stages of the development of a new bench-top system which includes our unique WAG (Wide Angle Geometry), are underway.

All the above results in the creation of the first EDXRF bench-top system in the world that combines: secondary targets, customizable filters and a direct excitation mode, to allow optimal minimum detection limits as well as determination of trace and minor elements.

We are here to lead with you!

Thank you for your partnership and support,

Xenemetrix Team



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